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“Your God” by Rossi // Your God (2013)

Rossi is a Nashville based duo comprised of Kendall Morgan and Thom Donovan. They are also one of those acts that you hear and you immediately feel like they’re destined for something big. Here on “Your God”, the bands third single, they bring a dreamy soul sound that could be right at home on major radio between Adele and The Lumineers. That’s not to compare the band to those acts - Morgan’s soulful, powerful vocals certainly grab your attention, but hearing the haunting, lullaby-like music that accompanies her is what sets this track apart as something truly stunning. 

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ROSSI: Interview with Bekurov from Ossetia.


Why Rossi?

Kendall: I was in a relationship when I came up with the name. Rossi is the mergence of my middle name and my former significant other’s middle name. I wasn’t sure what to do with the name; so, I contemplated using it for my houseplant. I named the houseplant Lord…


Rossi - Ossetia

Rossi are among my choice discoveries of 2012. Although this Nashville based duo have released only two tracks, both have lingered in high rotation since last winter (surely a good sign). The brainchild of Kendall Morgan and Thom Donovan, Rossi have a sophisticated sound, laced with heavy lyrics and spine chilling vocals. The pair are currently working on new material. Needless to day, I’m excited. 





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my new project with Thom Donovan.

new project with Thom Donovan.